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Asian Economies: ECN475 Asian Economies

Research Project Description

From the syllabus -

"You are required to do an individual research project (written and oral), not to write a research paper. Every student must select one country in Asia and study its economic development. In addition, each student must select an economic topic that relates to that development. The research assignment must be both theoretical (explain how your topic relates to economic development) and empirical (show information pertaining to your topic and economic growth using statistics). Further information about the assignment will be provided in the third or fourth week of class. You should make a country choice by February 6 and chose a topic by February 16. Below is a list of topics. Check with me if you are interested in something that is not on the list. Once you have chosen a country, do some background reading on it. Study its history and economy so that you can pick one of the topics below- one that is especially relevant to the particular economic circumstances of your chosen country. The topics include: International trade, poverty, income distribution, labor and employment, agriculture, international financial flows, money and banking, foreign investment, specific industries (such as pharmaceutical, tourism, film, construction, insurance, etc.), health, education, population, technology, environmental degradation, outsourcing, political system and its role on the economy, monetary policy, fiscal policy..."

For more information, please consult the course syllabus or speak with your instructor.

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