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Citing Sources: Getting Started

Welcome to the Citing Sources Guide! This guide is here to help you cite your sources properly and avoid plagiarism in your papers.

What does it mean to use a style?

For any research paper, you must cite the sources that you use within the text as you discuss them AND at the end of the paper in a bibliography commonly called a Works Cited or a References page.  Universities most often use APA, MLA or Chicago style, and each style manual dictates how you should produce these citations, both in-text and in your bibliography.

Academic honesty at SJU

All members of the SJU academic community—students, faculty members, and administrators—are encouraged to:

●  read SJU's Academic Honesty Policy and 

●  view
videos and tutorials on plagiarism.

Which style should I use?

MLA Style, or the Modern Language Association Style, is more often associated with the Humanities, for subjects such as literature, modern languages, cultural studies, and the fine arts.  APA Style, or the American Psychological Association Style, is more often associated with the Social Sciences -- subjects like Psychology, Education, Business, and Political Science. Chicago Style actually has two different style options for citing and is used for a variety of subjects across disciplines.

Unsure which style to use? Speak with your professors!

Print editions are the final authority.

The print editions of the leading style guides are considered the authoritative source. The ACS, APA, ASA, Chicago, CSE, MLA, and Turabian style guides are available in our Library at the Library Service Desk. Additionally, Easy Writer summarizes the major styles and will answer most questions on citing. Easy Writer is available to borrow at the Library Services Desk and for purchase at the University Bookstore.

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