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Curriculum Materials Center: CMC Intro

CMC Intro

Location: Francis A. Drexel Library, 2nd floor - Room 213

Collection: The CMC collection supports the curriculum of the Saint Joseph's University Department of Education. Most materials in the CMC circulate and may be checked out at the Service Desk on the first floor of Drexel Library.

Types of CMC Materials:

The CMC houses a collection of about 3700 textbooks and accompanying instructional materials for grades PreK-12. The textbooks are arranged by curricular area:

Arts & Creativity
Language Arts
Science & Health
Social Studies
Special Education

Children's Literature:
The CMC has a large selection of children's literature (over 3000 titles) arranged by Library of Congress call number, as well as a display rack of Big Books, a reference collection and an assortment of children's and teacher's magazines.

Subject Guide

Naomi Cohen
Post Learning Commons and Drexel Library