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CRJ565 Ethics and Criminal Justice: Introductory Resources

This Guide follows the research process from formulating a thesis statement to the completion of an annotated bibliography for CRJ565.

Coming up with a thesis...

Sometimes you have a general topic like "juveniles" or "drug laws" in mind, but need to brainstorm a research topic.

Get started with these introductory resources to have a better idea of the controversies within your general topic.

Credo Reference e-Book Collection

Government Agencies

Encyclopedias and Handbooks

Use these resources for background information and lists of resources to get you started.

Annual Reviews contain overviews of academic research within a given field.

Social Sciences
 •   Annual Review of Clinical Psychology
 •   Annual Review of Law and Social Science
 •   Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior
 •   Annual Review of Political Science
 •   Annual Review of Psychology
 •   Annual Review of Public Health
 •   Annual Review of Sociology