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MHC150/PSY150: Welcome

Gender Matters : First Year Seminar


After you have decided on your topic, make a list of terms to describe it. Add to this list as you continue with your research. Since many databases use their own vocabulary, use the thesaurus to find the correct terminology. Also make use of the subject headings in each record to focus your results.


These pages contain search tools and tips to heip you in your research. Need some articles for your research paper and don't know where to begin? Need a dictionary? Need a book? Use these pages to get started.

Tips will be found in the left-hand column on each page; tools or resources are located in the center column.

Research Process Suggestions

  1. Make sure you understand the assignment.
  2. Begin your research early.
  3. Make a list of terms that describe your topic. Add to it as you do your searching.
  4. Save your citations.
  5. If you are having problems with your searching or finding material in the library, please ask the librarians for help.

Subject Librarian

Susan Cheney