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ECN 430 Modern Economic Systems: Introduction

Why Use Introductory Resources?

If you have a topic in mind for your research, it is a good idea to find one or more sources of background information to read.

Introductory resources will:

  • Explain in general terms, what is currently known about your topic
  • Help you understand the broader context of your research.

Some of the Introductory Resources that you might use for your ECN430 Research include:

Getting Started with your Research

The research for your ECN430 Research Project requires that you do research that is both broad and deep. Because you will be doing a lot of researcn, be sure to save your citation information as you go, so that your biblilography in Chicago Style will be easy to create.

Once you have decided on your Country:

  • look at the Countries tab to get a sense of some of the basic country information that is availalbe
  • start reading the Economist (current and back issues) searching with your Country name
  • search our databases (I suggest using the Discover tool) to look articles on your country, its economic system
  • look for statistics to validate your work
Remember to visit the related guides that are suggested in the block at left.  SJU provides a wealth of resources for you to use.

CQ Researcher

cq researcher

CQ Researcher - info

Provides in-depth explorations of current topics from a well-known Washington publisher, "Congressional Quarterly". For a given topic, you will find:

  • good articles
  • a Chronology of relevant events for the topic
  • lists of stakeholders and their web sites
  • a pro and con feature
  • bibliographies of further reading.

For ECN430 research, some subject coverage will be helpful.  For example,

Subject Librarian

Cynthia Slater
Post Learning Commons and Drexel Library

Room 124

Saint Joseph's University

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The Economist

Economic Issues

 feed from  'The Economist', a weekly newsmagazine of world politics and current affairs, business, finance and science published in London, England.

Note: To search for/view 
              full-text articles
              'The Economist' from
              1990-present, go to:

              Find it! @ SJU .