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Music Industry: Getting Started

Recommended resources for the music industry minor.


On these pages are resources and tools for researching the music industry.  

These pages include content on locating full-text articles, market research, trade associations, and industry information, as well as subject encyclopedias and dictionaries, books, and journals.  Please contact the Library if you have any questions about how to use these resources.

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries in Credo Reference Collection

Credo Reference - info     
A subscription collection of reference books including dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedias, books of quotations, as well as subject-specific titles  including a music collection.

The Faber Companion to 20th Century Popular Music 

The Harvard Biographical Dictionary of Music    

The Harvard Dictionary of Music

The New Penguin Dictionary of Music

This volume is subdivided into four principal parts. The first part, 'Performers and Performing' contains entries on types of performing groups and individuals as well as on a wide variety of performance techniques. The second part, 'Musical Production and Transmission' contains entries on different kinds of personnel and functions as well as on interpretive and technological processes and technologies. The third part, 'Musical Instruments' contains the volume's entries on musical instruments, not only those that have played a major role in the history of popular music but also those that, at first blush, might seem to have had a less intimate relation with that history. The final part, 'Musical Form and Practise' covers aspects of musical form as well as other dimensions of music and musical practice such as arrangement, lyrics and stage act. (Credo Reference)

Continuum Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World: Media, Industry and Society

This title contains two major sections: 'Social and Cultural Dimensions' and 'The Industry'. The former contains many entries on social phenomena of relevance to the practise of popular music : entries such as class, deviance, fashion, gender and sexuality, love and courtship, politics, race, religion, spirituality, and youth. It also includes entries on three other sets of phenomena that provide contexts for the practise of popular music: institutions and practises that document popular music; the study of popular music; and stylistic and textual practices that are not themselves musical in nature. Thus, for example, this section covers disciplines and trajectories (for example, poststructuralism) that have contributed to research and publication on popular music.
The section on 'The Industry' contains numerous entries on recording studios, music publishers, record labels, many of which are of historical importance. For reasons of historical documentation, the sheet music listings, discographical references and discographies for these entries contain the first publication details of songs and recordings. However, to assist readers in hearing this music where possible, reference is also frequently made to reissues of older recordings on compact disc. This section also covers the broadcasting media, copyright issues, audio-technical and other hardware terms. (Credo Reference)

Print Dictionaries in the Drexel Library

Reference books on the topic of Music can be found on the first floor Reference collection of the Drexel Library, beginning with "ML"

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