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Organization Development and Leadership: Search Tips

This page will offer research tools and tips for those studying Organization Development and Leadership.

Topic Formation

What are the academic subjects that might have information about your topic?




Knowing which subject databases to go to will give you better results.

Breaking Up Your Topic with the Right Keywords

In order to search effectively, it's important to break out the main concepts of your research question into keywords.

     Research question:  How might feedback increase employee productivity?

     Break up your research question into keywords that represent the main concepts:

  • Feedback
  • Employees
  • Productivity

     Search for each keyword, connected with an 'AND', indicating you want results that discuss all the concepts:

             feedback AND employees AND productivity

In many databases, they provide three lines for you, for three different concepts:




Keyword ideas

Use the keywords or Subject terms shown with each article to get an idea of new search terms.

Or use the Thesaurus or "Subject Terms" to browse different concepts and keywords. It's a great brainstorming tool!

Look for: or the link.