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Library tools and tips for researching topics in Psychology


After you have decided on your topic, make a list of terms to describe it. Add or delete terms as you continue with your research. Each database has its own vocabulary which you can find in its thesaurus. Also make use of the subject headings in each record.

Citing Sources

See the Citing Sources Guide for information on how to properly cite your sources and how to avoid plagiarism in your papers. Remember the print copy is the final authority on citing sources.


Plagiarism: What it is and how to avoid it


These pages contain Library tools and tips specific to psychology to heip you in your research. Need some articles for your research paper and don't know where to begin? Need a dictionary? Need a book? Use these pages to get started.

Tips will be found in the left-hand column on each page, tools or resources are located in the center column, and other relevant information in the right-hand column.

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