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Russian Politics: *Assignment Resources

This research guide provides resources for the course POL334 Russian Politics.

Dr. Baglione's Recommended Resources for the Research Memo & Presentation Assignment

The Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press (CDPSP):  This is a periodical, available through Academic Search Premier, which translates articles on a weekly basis from – guess where – the Post-Soviet press (i.e. Russian and other post-Soviet states’ media, governments, and think tanks). 

Johnson’s Russia List (JRL):  This is an excellent web site that provides translated articles as well as transcripts from all over – the U.S., Europe (East & West) and Russia – and covers topics of great interest to us.  Articles are grouped by topic and the site has a nice search engine too.  The site also has interesting links (scroll down and see columns on the right side) which could also be useful.  Also notice that you can search the site for information related to your topic.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (Russia Service):  This site provides some analysis, but you’ll get contemporary information here that you can’t find yet any where else.

Russian Government web sites:  Depending on what you’re looking for, these sources could also be highly useful.  (If you can read Russian, you can have access to even more than the ones I’ve listed here.)

            President (The Kremlin):

            Prime Minister (Premier) and Government:

            Ministry of Foreign Affairs:  Note: This site loads very slowly and may time-out.

            Ministry of Defense:

            Ministry of Industry and Trade:  Note: Site is undergoing updates.

            Ministry of Finance:

            Federal State Statistics Service:

The Levada Center:  The only remaining independent Russian source of public opinion.  An essential source for any of you interested in public attitudes.  Also see Russia Votes:

Carnegie Center, Moscow:

LexisNexis Database:  See translated materials from Russian sources through LexisNexis.

Freedom House: On issues of democratic and political development, media freedom, rule of law, etc.:

Transparency International:  On issues of political corruption and violence: