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English Language and Literature

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20th Century American - A Sample of In-depth Works from our Collection

From Modern to Contemporary: American Poetry, 1945-1965
Drexel Library Book Shelves (2nd floor) PS323.5.B7 1984
In this collection of essays, Breslin discusses the transition into contemporary poetry in the mid-twentieth century as a rejection of past norms and traditions. His historical treatment of the period is in-depth and thorough, and he discusses poetry through close-readings, but also as a reflection of American culture and political climate at the time.

The Modern Voice in American Poetry
Drexel Library Book Shelves (2nd floor) PS310.M57 D67 1995
In this book, the author focuses his chapters on seven major twentieth century poets: Frost, Stevens, Williams and Moore, Eliot and Pound, and Lowell, and discusses their voice in terms of history, culture, politics, and the personal experiences of each writer.

Critical Essays on American Modernism
Drexel Library Book Shelves (2nd floor) PS228.M63 C75 1992
This collection of essays discusses the development and flourishing of Modernism in America, and includes not only writing by important academic critics, but also responses to Modernism by poets and novelists themselves. Essay subjects range from the very general ("Modern Poetry") to the specific ("Pound/Stevens: Whose Era?").

The Cambridge Companion to American Modernism  (in Cambridge Collections Online)
This collection of essays by leading scholars discusses the genre of Medieval romance in historical terms, both in its original development and as it influenced genres across Europe.

American Fiction in the Cold War
Drexel Library Book Shelves (2nd floor) PS347.P6 S3 1991
This book takes the stance that different forms of writing in the 1940s and 1950s were in part the result of the political climate of the time, and it discusses the work of important literary figures, such as Flannery O'Connor, Norman Mailer and Ralf Ellison, against the backdrop of the Cold War.

Critical Essays on American Postmodernism
Drexel Library Book Shelves (2nd floor) PS374.P64 C74 1994
This volume comprises essays by some of the most important literary critics of the Postmodern era. It attempts to trace the theoretical development of Postmodernism as a genre and how specific works effected postmodern practices and writing.