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Economics: Background Information

recommended resources in Economics

Why Use Introductory Resources?

Introductory resources provide background and are generally not cited as resources. A good introductory resource will explain in general terms what is currently known about your topic and help you understand the broader context of your research. 


Library Catalog -- Looking for a Specific Title or Author

Books  Library Catalog Search 

Search the Library Catalog for books on Economics.  When you find a book of interest, be sure to follow the links listed under "Subject" to locate addditional books on your subject.  Or go ahead and search by "Subject" for these very specific terms as defined by the Library of Congress:

suggested Subject terms:

  • Commerce
  • Econometrics
  • Economics

Suggested Subject terms that represent 'sub' categories:

  • econometric models
  • economic aspects
  • economic conditions
  • economic development
  • economic policy

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries