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Sports Business

Sports business, marketing, sports law

Locating books

Our Library uses the Library of Congress classification system. 

Books on this topic can found in the following call number ranges:

GV561-1198.995  Sports
        GV583  History--By region or country--America--United States--General works
        GV691-GV693  Individual schools and colleges
        GV710 Intramural sports (General)
        GV712-GV725  Athletic contests. Sports events including tournaments
                GV716 Financial and business aspects (includes marketing)
        GV733.52-GV734.5  Professional sports
        GV846-GV848.8 Ice Hockey
                GV847.4 Financial and business aspects
        GV861-GV1017  Ball games
                GV862-GV881.6  Baseball
                        GV862.5-GV863.995 History
                        GV880 Financial and business aspects
                GV882-GV889.23 Basketball
                        GV885.4-.49  Amateur
                        GV885.5-.59  Professional
                                GV885.513 Financial and business aspects
                GV937-GV960 Football games
                        GV948.8-GV959.6 American football
                                GV954-GV956.2 Professional
                                        GV954.3 Financial and business aspects
                                GV956.22-GV958.5 Amateur
                                        GV956.4  Financial and business aspects
         GV1019.2-GV1038.2  Motorsports
                GV1029-GV1034 Automobile racing
                        GV1029.14  Financial and business aspects
                        GV1033-GV1033.5  United States
                        GV1033.5.A-Z  Individual races, events, racetracks, etc., A-Z
        GV1060.5-GV1098 Track & field
        GV1202.F33 Fantasy baseball. Rotisserie League Baseball 
        GV1202.F333 Fantasy basketball. Rotisserie League Basketball  
        GV1202.F34 Fantasy football. Rotisserie League Football

HD9992-HD9993 Recreational equipment. Sporting goods