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Criminal Justice

Finding Books in the Library

In addition to searching by title or author, you can search for criminal justice topics using keywords, such as

  • names of classes or populations, such as "families" or "young adults"
  • names of organizations, institutions, or agencies
  • geographic regions
  • types of crime, such as "shoplifting" or "arson"
  • aspects of criminal justice systems such as "courts," "legislature," or "parole"
  • related concepts or keywords from additional fields of study including;
    • law
    • sociology
    • psychology
    • public health
    • philosophy
    • history

Can't Find the Book You Want?

If you can't find the book you want in the library catalog or the online e-book collections, you can request to borrow a copy from another library.  It will be delivered to you here at SJU.

1.  EZ Borrow

2.  Hawkshare Interlibrary Loan (only use this if the book isn't available in EZ-Borrow)