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Copyright Guide

An online guide that provides information and tutorials to assist faculty with making materials accessible to students.

Video Resources

The Streaming Video Resources Guide has been expanded to include search suggestions as well as information on an additional platform we have access to called Lumière.  Lumière provides a way to use video and clips for titles where we have an exact match, down to the publisher/distributer, between a DVD in our collection (or the SJU Language Lab) and the Lumière platform. 

There is a new Streaming Video Request Form for faculty to use to request licensing of video for instruction. Librarians may also use this form to request steaming video for their collection areas. 

Print Sources

Use of Digital Media and Images

“Fair use” of copyright-protected images:

Best opportunity to use images that are not published in journals, textbooks, and other publications.  Focus on the “transformative” factor- if using the image in a new and ‘content-driven’ manner, more likely to be seen as fair use.

Choosing Course Content: Multi-media and Text-Based