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Technology Help

Resource for Remote Access and In-Person Help with Technology in the Library

First Time Printing




Once registered, you will not need to swipe your card before you send a print job to the printer.


If you get a message which says internal server error or unable to access account, go to the Technology Student Center in the Science Center (TSC) in Room 129 or call them at ext.2920.

More Information About Printing from the Office of Information Technology

Quick Printing Tips and Troubleshooting Slide Presentation

Mobile Printing in the Library

Mobile Printing is available.

Email your document as an attachment and send your documents to: and pick up your job from any printer in the library.

  Instructions for Mobile Printing


You can also go directly to the Mobile Print website:*

*The website can only be accessed while using the campus network.

Charges are per print, not per sheet of paper. A double-sided sheet of paper will cost the same as two separate sheets.

Black & White and Color Printing

  • There is one black and white printer (PLC-BW1) on the first floor of the Post Learning Commons. 

  • There is one black and white printer (PLC-BW2 ) and one color printer (PLC-Color1) in the Atrium of the Post Academic Center.

  • There are two color printers located on the second floor of the Post Learning Commons, which are accessible from the second-floor computers only. (DMZ-P1 and DMZ-P2)

Print Stations

  • You will need to swipe your HawkCard to print.
  • There are 200 free b&w prints per semester (color prints are not included).
  • When free prints are used up, there is a cost of:

.08 cents per page for B&W single-sided
.06 cents per side for B&W double-sided
.35 cents per page for color (at all times)

What is the Cost of Printing on Campus?

How to Determine If I have Used Up My Free Prints

What if I think I have some free prints left. What do I do?

"Printing in the PLC/Drexel Library:  To get a report of your print jobs for the semester or if you have any questions please contact the TSC through the Service Catalog – General Question, call 610-660-2920, or stop by Science Center 129."

How Do I Determine If I Have Used Up My Free Prints?


Printing Problems Troubleshooting

What Happened:

My Print job did not show up at the print station after I sent it to the printer

What to Try:
  • Are you actually logged onto the computer you are working from? Did the last person to use the computer forget to log off?
  • If you are:
    • Trying to print a document from OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon Cloud Drive? It could be a case where the document must be downloaded before it can be printed.

    • The job sent to the printer is a large file and is taking a while to print. Sometimes large print jobs take a while to get to the print server.

    • At the time a job was sent to the printer, a larger number of print jobs were also being sent and the printer queue is backed up.

    • Someone has sent a print job that has gotten stuck in the print system.

    • There is a print job that is stuck in the print queue on the local computer.

    • The print server is down.

    • The network is down.

Error Message Codes:

  • Wrong Paper size. The printers only print 8 1/2" x 11" documents. You'll have to adjust your document to fit.  

My Color Print job did not print

Possible Reason Why:
  • Large color print jobs over 10 pages must be printed 10 pages at a time. Anything larger will not print. This ensures you do not spend your money on color print jobs that are printed in error.