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ARH 107: Women, Gender, and Art

ART107 Fall Semester 2019

Welcome to the library guide for ART107: Women, Gender, and Art.  During the fall semester, students in this class will work on two assignments that require library research. 

Student-Curated Display:  In this assignment, student groups curate a display of books on an artist or group of artists.  The display needs to include ten relevant books essential to an understanding of the artist and their social and cultural context, with special attention to gender.  The books and your accompanying essays will go on display in the library, and on the library's website, in the spring semester, along with artworks created by a fall semester painting class.

Research Paper:  The second assignment requiring library research is a paper describing and analyzing a work of art.  Research for this paper should situate the art work in social and artistic contexts, using and citing appropriate sources.


This guide provides information and resources to help you complete these assignments, but please also read the assignment description provided by your professor carefully.  The requirements for the assignments are listed in detail in the syllabus and other descriptions provided by your instructor.  Don't hesitate to contact the librarian, Jenifer Baldwin, if you have questions about your research.

Streaming Video on the Arts

The library provides access to a wide array of streaming video on the arts.  Check out the visual art videos on Kanopy, AVON, and Films on Demand.