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English Language and Literature: Books

Call Numbers

Call numbers tell you where a book is shelved. In the Francis A. Drexel Library, we use the Library of Congress Classification which groups titles by subject matter.

The following call number ranges will help you get started:

P1-1091 Philology. Linguistics
 P121-149 Linguistics
 P301-301.5 Style. Composition
 P302-302.87 Discourse analysis
 P321-325.5 Etymology; Semantics
 P327-327.5 Lexicography
 P501-769 Indo-European philology

PE1-3729 English
 PE101-(458) Anglo-Saxon. Old English
 PE501-(693) Middle English
 PE(814)-895 Early Modern English
 PE1001-1693 Modern English
 PE1700-3602 Dialects. Provincialisms
 PE3701-3729 Slang

PR1-9680 English literature
 PR1-78 Literary history and criticism
 PR500-614 Poetry
 PR621-744 Drama
 PR1098-1369 Collections
 PR1490-6126 Individual authors
   PR3291-3785 (1640-1770)
   PR3991-5990 (1770-1900)

PS1-3626 American literature
 PS301-326 Poetry
 PS330-353 Drama
 PS501-689 Collections
 PS700-3626 Individual authors

Library Catalog Search

Library Catalog Search     


  • The Library Catalog is best used when searching for a specific title or author. 
  • You can search across additional fields such as ISBN or Call Number
  • You can search for specific "subjects" as defined by the Library of Congress


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