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Create Readings Lists in Canvas

Step-by-step guide for SJU course instructors.

Adding the Tool in Canvas

To begin using Discover Reading Lists, you first need to add the tool in your Canvas course.  You'll only need to do these steps once for your course.


1.  Open your course in Canvas and create a new Module.

Step One Create a New Module in Your Canvas Course


2.  Name the module in a way that will make sense to students.  E.g., "Assigned Readings" or "Required Readings."


3.  Click the + next to your module to assign an item.

Screenshot 2


4.  Choose "External Tool" from the drop down.  Choose "Discover Reading Lists."  Again, name this something students will understand.  Then click "Add item."

Screenshot 3


When you're ready to, don't forget to publish the module and reading list!




5.  Now, click on the new link to the readings.  When you click, you may be asked if you want to copy a reading list or start fresh.  If you aren't copying a list that you had previously made, choose "start fresh."

Screenshot 5


6.  You will see the Discover Reading Lists tool appear in the module.  Now you are done installing the tool, and are ready to start creating your reading lists!