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ENG 208: British Literature after Empire

This guide is specifically for the online class ENG208 British Literature after Empire.

Limiting to Full-text Before a Database Search

Most databases allow you to limit your results to full-text before you search. 

Be aware that this means you might miss relevant articles that are only in the database in title/abstract form.

Have a Print Citation of an Article You Want to Find?

Follow these Steps:

  1. Search for the journal name (NOT the article name) on the Journals A-Z page to see if we have the item electronically.
    • If your search for the journal produces results, click on a link of the database that has the journal, and browse to the right year, volume, and issue to find your article. Note that the date range next to the database link represents the range of issue dates we have access to.
  2. Search for the journal name (NOT the article name) in our Library Catalog's Journals tab to see if we own the item in print.
  3. If both searches are fruitless and we don't seem to provide access to the item, you can then interlibrary loan the article - many articles will come to you electronically as an e-mail attachment.

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