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ENG464: Bhayroo

Media, Politics, and Elections

Evaluating Web Sources

Anyone can put up a web page, so it's important to view web sites with a critical eye. Keep these criteria in mind when using the web.

1. Purpose:
Who wrote the page and why?

2. Authority:
Is the author a credible source? What are their qualifications?

3. Objectivity:
Is the information accurate? Is there an opinion or bias expressed?

4. Currency:
When was it last updated? Are there broken links?

5. Coverage:
Does the page cite its sources? Is the information comprehensive?

The domain can provide more information on the site:

.edu = educational institution
.gov = US government site
.org = organization or association
.com = commercial site
.museum = museum
.net = personal or other site

Online Verification Skills

Website Evaluation