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EBSCO And ProQuest eBooks: Reading Online And Offline: EBSCO eBooks: Downloading & Reading Offline


You can download and read EBSCO eBooks offline by "checking-out" the book through your EBSCO account and saving the file to a software application called Adobe Digital Editions.  This process provides you with complete access to the book for a 14-day period where you can read the book without being online. 

If you have not done this before, there are some preliminary steps to follow to make sure you have everything set up. This first time through can seem complicated, but once you are set up it becomes quite easy to download eBooks. 


Why Do I Have To Use This Software?

EBSCO and ProQuest eBooks include DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions intended to prevent excessive downloading or misuse of licensed and copyrighted materials.  There are several vendors that do not use DRM and you have likely seen these in Discover search results, such as eBooks from JSTOR.

The use of DRM protection adds a few additional steps, but it allows you the ability to download an entire work, from cover to cover, in a single file for reading on your computer.  Adobe Digital Editions keeps track of the DRM restrictions for each book, namely the amount of allowable saving & printing from the original work.

Downloading & Reading Offline

Initial Steps To Get Started

Step #1: Create An EBSCO Account

You will first need an EBSCO account to check-out eBooks and download them to your computer. 

If you have found an EBSCO eBook that you would like to download, you can click on the "Download (Offline)" link presented on the results screen:


A prompt will appear asking you to either log into an existing account or to create a new one.

Click on the link to create a new account and follow the steps. If you already have an EBSCO account, you can click to sign into your account. 


Step #2: Downloading the eBook and Adobe Digital Editions

Once you have created/logged into an existing EBSCO account, the following prompt will appear:

You can see several options for downloading the book in this display. If you intend to read this book on a desktop/laptop, click on the link to download Adobe Digital Editions or open a separate browser window/tab and search for this software to download from Adobe.

Step #3- Create an Adobe Digital Editions Account

After you download the Adobe software, you will need to register an account using an e-mail address and a password. If you do not see a prompt to create an account, open the application, click "Help", then click "Authorize Computer". On this page you will be able to authorize your account using an e-mail address as your Adobe ID and a password of your choosing:

You will use this login username and password to sync up the eBook download from your EBSCO account to your Adobe Digital Editions account.  This will allow you to access your checked-out eBooks and downloaded content from any computer that has Adobe Digital Editions so long as you log into the software using your registered account. 


Click "Authorize" and you are all set to begin using this program.


Step #4- Download the eBook to Adobe Digital Editions

If this is your first time through the process, you might need to go back and re-download the eBook from your EBSCO account to Adobe Digital Editions. To do this, go back to the eBook result you originally used and click "Download (Offline)" again.  You will see a download prompt asking permission to download and open the file with Adobe Digital Editions.  Click "Okay" and proceed:


**In some browsers, such as Firefox, you will need to go to the downloads list using the "down arrow" icon in your browser and double-click on the file to open the book in Adobe**



You can now read the book in Adobe Digital Editions.  If this is a new download, the book will automatically open to the cover page. You can go back to your library/bookshelf by clicking on the icon presented:

You can also keep track of the time remaining on your check-out, as shown here in the banner on the top right corner of the book icon:


The check-out time will count down until the book is "due back" and automatically becomes unavailable in your Adobe Digital Editions account.  The icon of the book will remain to show you your download history.  If you need the book again, you will need to go back through and download the book a second time to get a fresh 14-day loan.