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EBSCO And ProQuest eBooks: Reading Online And Offline: ProQuest eBooks: Reading Online

Reading Content Online

You can access our subscribed ProQuest eBooks through both Discover search results or by going directly to our subscribed ProQuest Ebook Central platform (accessible here).


ProQuest eBooks found in Discover search results will provide a link ("Full Text at ProQuest Ebook Central") to the ProQuest platform for reading online and downloading for offline use (just like with EBSCO eBooks), for example:


If you begin your searching in the ProQuest Ebook Central platform, you will see a search bar to begin your searches:



You will also see options for creating a ProQuest account that you can use for saving search results as well as checking-out and downloading eBooks to read offline (muck like for EBSCO eBooks):


Search Results

ProQuest EBook Central results provide several options for accessing, browsing, and saving results:


You can click on the title of the book to see a more detailed page providing information related to subject headings, call numbers, and additional publication information.

Using the four links found to the right of the title, you can download the book for offline reading, read the book online in your browser, browse through the table of contents and select sections to read online, and also save the result to your ProQuest account for future reading. 


If you click on the second option to read the book online, you will see a reader open in your browser where you can scroll through the pages of the similar to reading scrolling through a PDF.

There is a line of links and tools for you to use while reading that is quite similar to the options available when reading EBSCO eBooks online in your browser:


You can use these links to download the book for offline reading (you will need a ProQuest account and will need to download Adobe Ditgital Editions to do this), download and save sections of the book as a PDF, add the book to your ProQuest account bookshelf, generate a permalink URL to get back to the book, highlight sections of the book for your own use, and create citations in multiple citation styles.

Many of these functions require the creation and use of a ProQuest account for saving your selections, highlights, and searches.  You can create this account, or log into an existing account, by clicking on the "Sign In" link in the top right corner of the screen. 

Print & Save Limits

There are limits to the number of pages your can print and save from each book.  These limits are set by the publisher and will appear when you click on the icons for printing or saving:


Publishers put these limitations in place to prevent the misuse, or over downloading/printing, of licensed and copyrighted materials.