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Studio Arts

This guide is intended for undergraduate students at SJU

Photography Technique E-Books

Finding Photography Books in the Library

Call Numbers for Photography

TR 1-12, 690     Annuals
TR 15               History of Photography
TR 25, 659        New York, Photography of
TR 139-140        Photographers, alphabetical

TR 145              Photographic technique
TR 267              Digital photography and software
TR 287-500        Processing and Printing Techniques
TR 465              Conservation and Preservation
TR 510-545        Color photography
TR 590-620         Lighting and exposure

TR 642           Artistic Photography
TR 646           Works by more than one photographer
TR 647           Works by individual photographers
TR 652           1850-1900
TR 653           1901-1950
TR 654           1951-2000
TR 655            2001-

TR 656.5         Still Life Photography
TR 659           Architectural Photography
TR 660           Landscape Photography
TR 674-6        Nudes, human body
TR 679           Fashion Photography
TR 680-1        Portrait Photography
TR 721-8        Nature Photography
TR 820           Photojournalism

TR 845-899      Cinematography (see also NC 1765-1766)
TR 897            Film, Video, Animation
TR 925-1050    Photomechanical processes