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Studio Arts

This guide is intended for undergraduate students at SJU

Ceramics Magazines and Articles

Search for articles on ceramic arts topics using the library's Discover search box on the library homepage.  Here are results for an example search on "salt firing."  The Discover search includes articles from the Art & Architecture Source database, among others.

Selected ceramic arts magazines:

Finding Ceramics Books in the Library

LC Call Numbers for Ceramics 

NK3700              Periodicals and societies  
NK3710-3720     Exhibitions. By place held  
NK3728-3745     Museums. Collections  
NK3760              Collected writings  
NK3770              Dictionaries. Encyclopedias  
NK3780-4184     History  
NK4200              Collective biography  
NK4210.A-Z        Individual potters, families, and firms, A-Z  
NK4215              Potters' marks
NK4220-4225     General works.
NK4230              Collectors' manuals (How to identify old china, etc.)  
NK4233              Preservation. Cleaning. Restoration  
NK4245              Addresses, essays, lectures  
NK4250              Collections of designs  
NK4252.A-Z        Special elements or subjects in ceramic decoration or design
NK4255               Trade publications  
NK4260-4340      Earthenware  
NK4360-4367      Stoneware (Grès de Flandres, Steinzeug, Steingut)  

NK4370-4584        Porcelain  
NK4600-4607      Decoration of pottery  
NK4620-4695      Special objects

TP785-869          Clay industries.  Ceramics.  Glass.