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Library Pro Tips for New SJU Students


Welcome to SJU, and welcome to the Drexel Library and Post Learning Commons!  We are located both online, and in our two campus buildings which are connected by an atrium.  The combined buildings are called The Post Academic Center.  The Pro Tips in this guide will help you make the most of the library during your first semester on campus.


Drexel Library and Post Learning Commons Website

Most of your research can be conducted online using the resources on our library website.  You can also request help online, too.

Drexel Library Building

The Drexel Library side of the building is where you'll find our service desk, the library staff, and the book shelves.  There are computer workstations, study tables, and study rooms.

Post Learning Commons Building

There are many study tables, computer workstations, and study rooms on PLC side of the building.