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Library Pro Tips for New SJU Students

Getting Started

Ready to Start your Research?

Have you

  • Read about and discussed your chosen topic with your instructor or classmates?
  • Tested your topic idea by finding background information, to put the topic in context, and to see if it will be interesting and feasible to research further?
  • Tried turning your topic into one or more research questions, or tried writing a potential thesis statement? 

Thinking about these things first will help you save time and energy when searching for sources.  When you're ready to find sources, you can get started by using the Discover search, or using a research guide.

Two Places to Get Started

Life Hacks for Using Discover


Use Results Limiters

After searching, narrow down the results by using the limiters on the left side of the results page.  Full Text saves time because you'll know all the results are available online right away.  Under source type, Academic Journals will get you articles from academic journals only.  Try out some of the other limiters.

Create a Personal Account and Use Folders

Click on Log In in the upper right to create your personal Discover account.  Then you'll be able to create folders for different projects you are working on, and save the sources you find.  As you're looking through your search results, add the items you want to the folder so that you can view, print, or save them all at once.