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Library Pro Tips for New SJU Students

Books in the Library

Use Discover to Find Books Online or In the Library

Finding Books in the Library

To find a book in the SJU library, you need to make sure it is available, and get the location information and call number.  That information can be found in either Discover or the Library Catalog.  The location will tell you where in the library building to go, and the call number will help you find the book on the shelf.

Image showing the location, call number, and availability information for a book.


How to Read a Call Number

Let's use the call number PS3505.U334 F5 1940 as an example.  Read each part of this call number one at a time and find the corresponding section of the book shelves. 

PS3505 First, read the letters on the shelves alphabetically.  Find the PS section of the book shelves.  Then, within the PS section, read the number as a whole number.  (Sometimes there will be a decimal after the whole number.  If so, treat it like a decimal.  So PS3505.5 comes between PS3505 and PS3506.)



Within the PS3505s, the letters will again be alphabetical.  Notice that decimal point before this section of the call number?  Any numbers after that decimal point will be read as decimals only.   So PS3505 U334 will come before PS3505 U40 (because .334 comes before .40)   Then read the letters alphabetically again; PS3505 U334 F5 would come before PS3505 U334 G.  Then read the next number as a decimal.  So PS3505 U334 F5 will be on the shelf after PS3505 U334 F48 (because .5 comes after .48)
1940 Sometimes there will be another number, which is the year of publication.  There maybe two editions of the same book, one published in 1940, another published later.  They'll be in date order.


Request Books for Pickup

As a convenience, you can request to have your books bagged for pickup in the atrium of the library.  They will already be checked out to your account.  To request this, follow these instructions.