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Description of databases included in our platform access

African American Communities

Audio and video oral histories.

Thematic content guides with links to documents and collection materials help to introduce collection materials. Also, a pair of community case studies provide context for collection materials with links to documents and essays.

American Indian Histories and Cultures

There are several tools that provide context, highlights, and introductions to the materials in this collection, including essays, thematic online exhibitions, several image collections and art galleries, and guides to the tribes and nations included in the collection materials.  A maps section provides historical maps and an interactive map that shows the changing tribal territories over time.

A listing of popular search terms acts an introductory indexing system, providing a quick view of keywords, names, places, and topics included in the collection.  

American Indian Newspapers

Newspaper profiles provide background information for the publications included in this collection, and a group of essays introduces the subject matter.

American West

This platform provides several tools to help introduce, frame, and engage the subject matter and collection content.  Several thematic visual galleries provide selected images from collection content and act as gateways into the content, and a listing of popular searches provides an introductory clickable index to keywords, places, peoples, and themes.

There is a rich collection of digitized historical maps, and an interactive data map tool that provides visualizations of transportation routes, overland trails, livestock trails, mining regions, historical political boundaries, buffalo herd territories, tribal territories, and military outposts.

Everyday Life And Women In America

This collection prides itself on the inclusion of a full run of the weekly periodical Town Topics (1887-1923) providing a direct pathway to the stories and topics provided to the consuming public concerning society, gossip, works of fiction, sports, finance, and advertisements.

Several thematic introductions provide useful gateways into the collection, covering topics including race, cookery, medicine, politics, farming, family, and fashion & beauty.

Gender: Identity and Social Change

Several thematic essays introduce various aspects of the content and context found in this collection along with three video interviews with scholars from the field.  The platform also provides a group of thematic image galleries and document collections that act as gateways to collection materials.

Jewish Life In America, c.1654-1954

The collection provides a few tools to help introduce content, including an imagery gallery, a group of thematic essays, and an interactive map showing changes in the size of Jewish populations across the United States during a few select periods.

Leisure, Travel, and Mass Culture: The History of Mass Tourism

This collection provides several tools that provide context and entry points for content:  thematic essays, sample eyewitness travel accounts, and descriptions of the businesses and organizations included in the collection materials.  There is also a group of thematic introductions to collection materials covering topics such as: children and families, urban tours and city breaks, health and medical travel, and various types of travel options.

Popular Culture In Britain And America, 1950-1975

Nearly two dozen thematic collections bring together collection highlights content into accessible groupings, while several descriptive entries introduce the various music genres, artists, and movements.  Multiple essays and interviews further build out the context of the period the collection covers. 

Researchers can begin their entry to the collection through keyword searching, or through the multiple thematic image and video collections providing collection highlights.

Popular Medicine In America, 1800-1900

Race Relations In America: Surveys and Papers from the Amistad Research Center, 1943-1970

Explore collection contents through basic searching, through a specific series of materials, thematic guide organizing collection materials, and through clickable entries from a search directory.

Service Newspapers Of World War Two: Module One

Slavery, Abolition, and Social Justice, 1490-2007

Explore a large group of court documents from the lower and Supreme Courts of North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, and Missouri.  Tutorials introduce the documents and help in navigating the content.

An extensive collection of digitally reproduced historic maps from the 1500's through 1800's focusing largely on Africa and including the Caribbean and North America. 

Lists of popular searches act as shortened indexes to the collection and can help identify topics, keywords, names, and places from the collection.  

World's Fairs: A Global History of Expositions

Tools and features include: thematic essays introducing the history and context of the fairs, collections of audio recordings of people attending various fairs, and interactive site plans illustrating the design and layout of displays and exhibit areas.