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Description of databases included in our platform access

Global Commodities: Trade, Exploration, and Cultural Exchange

Access online exhibitions detailing each of the commodities featured in this collection.  Additionally, thematic galleries pull together images and other resources from this collection that fit certain broader topics such as: cultivation, advertising and consumption, social practice, production, health and welfare, and transportation. 

There are interactive maps highlighting trade and discovery routes, empires, commodity production and trade, and economic zones.  Further, reproductions of historic maps are gathered together from the collection in one location for faster browsing and discovery.

Listings of popular searches act as a brief index of the collection as well as a discovery tool, helping to identify topics, places, and keywords to dig deeper into the available documents and resources. 

J. Walter Thompson: Advertising In America

There are several tools providing introductions and background information for materials found in the collection: thematic introductions to collection document and resource types, descriptive guides for the included industries and products, company case studies showing the work performed by J. Walter Thompson, and links to internal and external chronologies of J. Walter Thompson.

Market Research and American Business Reports, 1935-1965

Users can explore the collection through keyword search as well as browsing by industry or examining sample product case studies.  This platform provides brief biographies of corporations included in the content, a glossary of terms found in the collection, and a search directory of clickable keywords.

Trade Catalogs And The American Home

Users can explore content through basic searching as well as through collections organized by industry and through an interactive search directory of popular keywords, brands, and companies.