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Description of databases included in our platform access

Defining Gender

A group of essays from scholars in the field helps to introduce the nature and scope of the content from the five centuries this collection provides.

Eighteenth Century Drama: Censorship, Society, and the Stage

Eighteenth Century Journals Portal

Gender: Identity and Social Change

Several thematic essays introduce various aspects of the content and context found in this collection along with three video interviews with scholars from the field.  The platform also provides a group of thematic image galleries and document collections that act as gateways to collection materials.

Grand Tour

Leisure, Travel, and Mass Culture: The History of Mass Tourism

This collection provides several tools that provide context and entry points for content:  thematic essays, sample eyewitness travel accounts, and descriptions of the businesses and organizations included in the collection materials.  There is also a group of thematic introductions to collection materials covering topics such as: children and families, urban tours and city breaks, health and medical travel, and various types of travel options.

Literary Manuscripts: Berg

A biographical tool provides context for the lives and literary careers of authors included in this collection.

Literary Manuscripts: Leeds

An incredibly useful introduction to the handwriting of the period provides a gateway for researchers looking to read the texts in this collection.  This guide provides sample handwritten alphabets and transcripts for sample documents. 

A group of essays provides context for the texts and authors found in this collection.

Literary Print Culture: The Stationers' Company Archive, 1554-2007

There are several essays written by scholars in the field, as well as a group of interviews, introducing the Stationers' Company and print culture.  Additionally, a pair of online exhibitions introduce collection content within the historical context. 

London Low Life: Street Culture, Social Reform, and the Victorian Underworld

This collection provides additional gateways to content through several thematic exhibitions that draw on collection materials, interactive maps highlighting areas included in collection materials, and a dictionary of slang terms found in collection materials.

MacMillan Cabinet Papers, 1957-1963

Mass Observation Online

Nixon Years, 1969-1974

Perdita Manuscripts

Popular Culture In Britain And America, 1950-1975

Nearly two dozen thematic collections bring together collection highlights content into accessible groupings, while several descriptive entries introduce the various music genres, artists, and movements.  Multiple essays and interviews further build out the context of the period the collection covers. 

Researchers can begin their entry to the collection through keyword searching, or through the multiple thematic image and video collections providing collection highlights.

Romanticism: Life, Literature, and Landscape

Historical and interactive maps provide an extra layer of engagement with the people, places, and works this collection provides. 

Shakespeare In Performance

Researchers can utilize a group of case studies that bring together collection materials to highlight the production of 17 performances, demonstrating the types of content found on the platform.

Victorian Popular Culture

This platform provides several interesting tools that provide contextual information and entry points to collection materials.  These include: descriptions of British and American entertainment venues, biographical entries of performers and key figures, thematic essays, examples of music hall songs, and other audio and film groupings.

World's Fairs: A Global History of Expositions

Tools and features include: thematic essays introducing the history and context of the fairs, collections of audio recordings of people attending various fairs, and interactive site plans illustrating the design and layout of displays and exhibit areas.